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The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island  

Proceeds from sale of items are used to restore and preserve Peary's Eagle Island.

If you have visited the Island personally, we hope some of these items enhance your experience. Some may be just the thing to inspire a young person and demonstrate how perseverance pays off.

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                                                     The " Roosevelt "

16" by 23.5" hi-res. digital museum quality print of the painting of the special ship Roosevelt, designed by Peary as an ice breaker and arctic base. Peary sailed further north than any previous ship in 1906 and 1908         

       Item # Pic-2 $75.00 ea.                             



                                                            Ball Hat

Admiral Peary's home on Eagle Island on front with motto " Inveniam viam aut faciam " (find a way or make one) on back embroidered in color. 100% brushed twill--one size fits all. Specify color-Navy, Royal Blue, or White

Item # H-2 $15.00 ea.     


"Dream of the Far North"

by Barbara King

Exciting 176 page novel describing Admiral Peary's daring and successful journey to the North Pole as seen through the eyes of a 15 year old boy who was hired as cook's assistant. Teachers guide available.

Item # B-1 $10.95 ea                                   


Champleve Pins

Handcrafted gold plated enameled pins.

                 Item  # Pin 1 ~ sled dogs - $12.00 ea

                 Item  # Pin 2 ~ Polar Bear - $8.00 ea

                 Item # Pin 3 ~ Bald Eagle - $15.00 ea


"Peary and his Promised Land"

by Cmdr . Edward Peary Stafford

The story of a love affair between a man and an island, written by Admiral Peary's grandson. First hand account of the love for and dreams of Eagle Island and how those dreams live on today. 29 pages

Item # B-2 $4.00 ea

Eagle Island House

2.5" by 3.5" magnetic picture of "Peary's Eagle Island " for your refrigerator.

Item # Pict 2,   $1.00 ea


Notecards of Peary's Eagle Island
# Pic-2   

Set 0f 4 different cards $5.00 / set


Bucket Hat
Admiral Peary’s Home on Eagle Island embroidered
on front with motto "Inveniam viam aut Facium" on
back. 100 % cotton. Color: Blue, Kakki
Size: medium, large, or extra large.
# H-2 $15.00 ea



Set of six postcards all different. Scenes of Eagle Island and 2 copies of early 1900's cards.

Item # Pic 1 $2.00 ea

Documentary Film on DVD~100th anniversary
Admiral Robert E. Peary, the Man and his Island
The life story of this remarkable man and how he was
able to find new ways to survive the hostile Arctic
environment and leading a team of five, reached the
North Pole on April 6, 1909. 48 Minutes long.
# F-1   $10.00

"Guide to Eagle Island Nature Trails"

by Ann Perry

Charming description of the trails and habitats on Eagle Island , including a check list of flora and fauna commonly seen. Excellent sketches by Carolyn Judson. 28 pages.

Item # B=3 $4.00 ea


Ceramic Mug

Drawing of Admiral Peary's home on Eagle Island

Front and back (ambidextrous). Blue on white with the Admiral's motto .----- microwaveable

Item # C-1 $6.00 ea


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